Welcome we are a bit crowded try to find a seat

Welcome one and all, I would like to especially welcome our JohnnyV posters who will be providing the exciting content of this site. With the official launch of this site I thought I would list batch of older links that are…. well who knows you decide.


Find a login to those annoying free register sites.

Look for deals on gadgets and toys.

IM Comaprison
In depth comparison of many Instant messager client for many platforms.

One stop shop for Simpsons info.

Cell Phone Spec database
All you want to know about cell phones.

Find a Human
Secret codes to get past annoying phone menus to a real person.

Robot Band
I keep missing these guys (or bots) when they come to the Cactus Club.

That Weird French Film
If you watch this you have to see the end. Crazy french.

How many ways can you spell Viagra
This post is funny but a bit geeky.

Besk Geek Quotes

Stewie Soundboard
This is my fav, but there are many soundboards. Check them out!

IT Gigolo
Geeks don’t try this at home.

One of my old favorites crossing “Star Wars” & “Pulp Fiction”.

Linux on your Gamecube
Run Linux your Gamecube.

10 Things to do with Live CDs

Silicon Zoo
What’s hiding on your microchips.

Duck Hunt
Flash version of the Classic Duck Hunt.

Shockwave Version of Warcraft.

Just Entertaining
Great resource for old time radio shows.

Huge Digital Photo

Monster Engine
Great spin on children’s art.

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  1. Thanks 2487. I think we are off to a great start here at JohnnyV its we have had 50 unique vistors so far today. Thanks again to all that helped me test and to JohnnyV contributors. Go Green Machine!

    If anyone gets the green machine reference I owe you a coke.

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