Daniel Craig = Bond?

Though there isn’t much on the official site from sony, they have officially said that Daniel Craig will be the next Bond.
And, according to Craig the new Bond will not wear a Tuxedo. Now I am not as dedicated a Bond fan as others, but I think that this may be problematic. I was not particularly a big fan of Pierce Brosnan as Bond, but, the movies weren’t too bad. Also, I haven’t found official notice of who the next Bond girl will be, but, I did read somewhere that Rose Byrne is soon to be announced. So, I am just curious what other people’s oppinions are, has the Bond series run its course, or am I wrong and this is possibly an upswing for them?

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  1. The only thing that I have seen Mr. Craig in is the Tomb Raider movie and I have to say he doesn’t seem like Bond material based on that performance. I was actually a pretty big fan of Brosnan as Bond, which may cause some outrage here but I think he worked. Goldeneye is easily one of my all time favorite Bond movies. I will say, though, the last movie-Die Another Day?-was pretty disappointing. It just didn’t feel like a Bond movie. It was a very modern action movie but didn’t have that classic Bond feel to it. I am skeptical that we will see another great Bond movie anytime soon.

  2. First things first. The tuxedo is a must, it is part of the charater. Trivia side note: Mr. Brosnan in his contract had to agree not to wear a tux in any other movie, however a waiver was requested and granted for his role in “Thomas Crown Affair”. While we are talking about Pierce I think he made great Bond. I only reservation was he acted out some scenes “angry” not cool and calm, which I don’t that see in the Bond character but he did. As for Daniel Craig….. I don’t see it, hopefully he will prove me wrong and he will be great with a fantastic script, but I wouldn’t count on it. As to not get to wordy here I can echo zoo boy’s comments as well. This is a great site for Bond info(however it used to be better) http://www.ianfleming.org/mkkbb/. In closing “James Bond will return”.

  3. i personally was a big fan of brosnan as bond. have you heard rumors that jessica simpson could be a bond girl. i think that’s maybe not such a great match. by the way, hi everyone!

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