Friday May 19 2006 10:42 JohnnyV hit 5000 page views

JohnnyV Update Information

As of Friday May 19 2006 10:42 JohnnyV is 6 months and 4 days old. Thanks to all our contributors for posting 417 articles and generating 5000 page views (and counting).

Since JohnnyV’s launch we have add a few new contributors and also a few new technologies. For those who may not have noticed we added a “Geo Visitors link located down the left side of the site (Thank you to Mr. Tex). This shows us geographically who has visited the site in the last 24hrs. Here is a direct link Geo Visitors

I also have added us to the Google Analytics Project which allows better statistics of who and what people are reading. I am looking for an easy way to publish this info so all readers may view it just as the current stats on Bravenet. JohnnyV Bravenet Stats Check out what browsers and Operating systems are on top etc.

So where do we go from here? Here are a few ideas.
– fact or fiction articles debating conspiracy theories
– moving to a WordPress server and adding new functionality and flexibility. Such as sub catagories for articles like geek, gaming, science, etc. or reader votes on articles

As always lets here your input, the good, bad, and ugly. Also if there is anyone that reads that would like to be a contributor, comment to this post and I will set you up.

Thanks again to all who read and contributed in making this site a success.


One more thing…. For our OS X users I have a JohnnyV widget that tracks the RSS feed. Basics are done, a few more features are in development. If anyone would like an early release let me know.

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