Well, I haven’t read the full contents of this bill, but there are a couple of things that I do really like about what I have read. Also, I am not sure if this needs to pass the Senate now or what, (politics and legal process are not my specialty), but I think this is a major step forward in the Net Neutrality issue. One of the provisions that I really enjoy, as long as I am reading it correctly, is Sec. 28(a)(4). of the bill.

Sec. 28. (a) It shall be unlawful for any broadband network provider–(4) to prohibit a user from attaching or using a device on the provider’s network that does not physically damage or materially degrade other users’ utilization of the network;

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but does that say that as long as my server (“device attached to the provider’s network”) isn’t materially degrading the other users utilization (“isn’t too high bandwidth”), then they can’t technically make it against the T&C of service? While I sneak by right now because my home server is really only accessed by myself, this is an interesting provision.

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  1. I read the bill and i think you are right Mr. Tex. I read the bill as saying, as long as what you are serving is not illegal or damaging its fair game.

  2. Ok, I will assume the “materially degrading” argument, but for the most part, I am continuously streaming my own mp3 collection to my office so that I can listen to music while I work, at a 96Kb stream. So that would lead me to believe that I am not being a pain, as my upstream bandwidth is 386kpbs. Now, they would probably bring the hammer down with the fact that I send 2-3 Gb files to my clients about every 3 days, so they will claim a bandwidth problem there, but that argument could be sidestepped by the fact that those files are moving over ftp/sftp protocols which are not being hosted on the active server. Rather the traffic from my site is originating from the clients, and my purchased server is the server in the situation. The HTTP traffic to my home server is negligable, getting hits really only from my office as I use a php derived page to control the mp3 stream, and occasionally to browse my photo collection which is technically hosted in the same application.

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