Who Came up with the idea for this Study?!

This is a pretty intense look at the subject. I only wonder where the idea to perform this study arose?

3 thoughts on “Who Came up with the idea for this Study?!”

  1. While on the surface this study seems comical and useless (I love Fig. 1 on page 2, high comedy there), I can see why it is being done. I’ll give two reasons:

    1. The way some birds relieve themselves is so radically different than humans, with the spraying and all, that man has this incurable need to understand it. How does it work and why do they do this?

    2. Biologists are very much interested in the metrics of the animal kingdom. Especially energy “budgets”. That is, how much energy does an animal have to produce to go about its daily activities? They then look at the efficiency of said budgets and try to understand the inefficiencies. The real question in this paper, though it may not be clear, is how much energy are these penguins using to produce this behavior? And is that use of energy “wasteful” (pardon the pun). What they have found is that it surprisingly does not cost the penguins much in additional energy.

    Sorry this got kind of long. I had a whole class on Biometrics in college.

  2. So, I realized that I used the wrong term at the end of my explanation. This isn’t biometrics and my class wasn’t in biometrics. It was called Biophysical Ecology. Everything else I said is accurate I just used the wrong term at the end there. After 2487’s praise I figured I better get my stuff right:)

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