What are Your Favorite PodCasts?

While most listen to music on their iPod or computer. I for one have found the joy of PodCasts. Apple's iTunes sure makes this genre easy to access. Whether it is science, politics, news of the day, in depth analysis, humor or irreverance, I am hooked. Here are a few of my favorites.

Science Friday with Ira Flatow – NPR – Podcasts from the weekly NPR Science Friday radio broadcast (there is also a web site sciencefriday.com)
The Heathen Middle by Fritz Alverez – An irreverent and thought provoking look at politics (there is also a web site heathenmiddle.com)
Marco Tempest – The Virtual Magician – Small video clips of magic recorded by a cell phone
Our Ocean World – Short daily 1:30 minute audio excursions into Our Ocean World
Evolution 101 – Want to have a better understanding of evolution
Also check out, Ask a Ninja and CommandN.

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