Welcome To JohnnyVonline!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen you have chosen wisely, update your links johnny-v.blogspot.com has evolved into johnnyVonline.com. I want to begin by thanking all who brought johnnyV to this point, without the interest from its readers and contributors johnnyV would not have made it to its first birthday. I decided to celebrate by registering a domain and doing a site redesign (lets say 2.0).

There are a lot of new features and changes to explore, but I want our contributors be the first to get comfortable with the site.

How contributors login to the new site (takes about 2 mins):

1. You will find your login name (from blogger) listed on the right under "Link list of authors"

2. Find & click the login button which will take you to a login screen

3. At the login screen click "Lost your Password?"

4. Enter your username as listed in step 1 and type in your email address

5. Finally you will be emailed instructions to finish the setup. If you run into any problems you know where to find me

So this new model gives us alot of flexibility, functionality, and room to grow, which we will discuss in depth after we all get use to our new digs. In the coming weeks I will be making changes (especially to the post editor) and bugfixes. So let me know what you think, its all customizable now. With the first year behind us we say goodbye to johnny-v.blogspot.com with 530 articles and 8,625 hits, and look forward to new horizons.

A special thanks to Mr. Tex and Elliot for adding their expertise where I lack in the building of this new site.

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