HA! I win the race to post this first!…OK maybe the race was only in my own head…but I still win! 🙂 Seriously though, I thought this would happen "some day" but I am completely shocked at how fast the whole thing has come together. And $1.29 per song is not bad, especially considering they are doubling the bit-rate too!


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  1. Almost there. Now just let me re download the song and I’m sold. $1.29 seems steep but it’s worth the price just to send a message to the record labels.


  2. See that makes no sense to me. It is not at all unreasonable to expect consumers to be resposible for the goods they buy. When you buy a music CD, you are responsible for taking care of it and making sure it doesn’t get scratched or otherwise damaged. If it does get damaged, you can’t walk back in to the place you bought it from and demand they give you another one. It is not hard to back up data, many people do it everyday. Just back up the music you’ve purchased and be a responsible consumer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I see you point but hard drives do crash. That and if I scratch my cd I’m out 13 dollars. If my hard drive crashes I could be out thousands. Besides, I’m the consumer so give me what I want! 🙂 I just recovered from two hard drive crashes in the past month! Thankfully I obsessively back my stuff up though I learned that the hard way years ago.
    Either way I’m really glad that this is starting to happen. Makes me want to sing “Mana Mana.”

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