One thought on “What is the Monkeysphere and why do you care?”

  1. Well, when the man puts a call out, I feel obligated to respond. I’m not sure the main idea here is anything new. Maybe using monkey brains as an analogy is new but I’m sure some famous psychologist already theorized all of this long ago. What’s interesting to me is that humans actually used to exist in smaller groups. People all over the world lived in tribes and bands that were much smaller than our societies today, probably not much bigger than the proposed 150 person Monkeysphere. So why did we become this huge world wide society that is obviously so much bigger than we could possibly care about? Hard to say really. Like the article says “nothing is simple”. All in all, I would say it’s an interesting article but nothing to lose sleep over. It’s all about finding the balance of compassion for our fellow humans and looking out for #1…something we have struggled with as a species for thousands of years.

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