3 thoughts on “Rapid Evolution”

  1. Good article… Makes you think! Any idea what the average lifespan ? How many generations did it take for this to happen? I know that evolutionary traits in fruit flies can occur in the manner of months but each generation lives for a few weeks or something like that.

    This also makes me wonder whether average life span of a given species has any documented correlation with the species need/ability to adapt.

    For example if an animal is maintained in a consistent environment does it live longer on average than an animal that must adapt to changing conditions on a regular basis?

  2. Good questions all around. I don’t know what the average life span of the lizards in this example is. I would imagine it would have to be fairly short (maybe 3-5 years?). But even if that’s true, that’s only about 10 generations in 36 years. Pretty amazing anyway you look at it.

  3. Might there be more generations? The question that comes to mind is how old are they when they are able to reproduce. If they at less than a year… more chance for evolutionary change.

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