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I came across this hopefully emerging technology called HHO Gas, if this takes off it could revolutionize the way you do many things. Right now they are mainly using this technology in welding and cutting but as the videos show below they have a car running off this technology. I open this up for discussion. What do you all think?

YouTube – Run you car on water and nothing else.

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. (video/quicktime Object)

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This was just too cool not to post.

Amazing Head Jumping

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Don't show this to Violet! 

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Diggnation episode 74 clip

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Good old Picard at his best.


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YouTube – Antworks Time Lapse (to the song Popcorn)


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YouTube – Bloodhound Gang – Ralph Wiggum Funny Im out of the posting game and then I go crazy. Bloodhound Gang may be my new favorite band.


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Its suppose to be a type of insect from Bolivia.


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YouTube – 10 Things I Hate About Commandments: Part with Samuel L Jackson had me on the floor.


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A simply amazing R/C airplane demo, flown indoors!


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YouTube – Jedi Breakfast WARNING : Some language may not be suitable.


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So I literally laughed out loud on this video. I have watched it four times so far and Im still laughing. It is a commercial, hope you enjoy.


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.: UNEASYsilence :. » Blog Archive » Congratulations you invented the computer 30 years too late!


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